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About Me

I'm a professional traveler and storyteller.

  • I travel the world telling stories in some of the most exciting an beautiful destinations. For the last 6 years I have worked professionally as a travel content creator, editor, consultant and video producer.
  • I've worked with DMO's and PR companies for top travel brand and destinations to tell exciting digital stores for the award winning Matador Network. I served as the as Dean of Education at, the foremost online travel journalism school, endorsed by SATW and Nat Geo Traveler, for 2 years.
  • My goals are simple: Travel far. Tell great stories. Take no prisoners.
  • Recent videos

    • Underwater in the Bahamas
    • Kayaking the clear waters of the Sweden

    Most recent articles

    My Secret to Hooking the Audience during a Keynote Presentation

    IMG_4411I BEGAN my Keynote presentation at the 2014 Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) with that ubiquitous photo genre that has come to define the digital age –  THE SELFIE.

    Before I began my hour long talk on Travel Brand Storytelling I told the audience of 100+ at the Venetian in Las Vegas that I needed a moment to do what bloggers do when they want to remember a moment, take a selfie. I did the unexpected – turned my back to the audience, told them to smile as I framed my face with my iPhone and snapped a pic.

    This simple gesture immediately let me connect to my audience and change their state of awareness to one of active participation (it was the end of a 2 day conference and folks were starting to look a little tired…). Stopping to take a selfie also let me get conformable on stage and help calm whatever nerves I had about  presenting to such a stellar group of high-level travel and hospitality leaders.

    Mostly, I took my keynote selfie to illustrate the main point of my presentation before I even began; that creating original content for social media publication is more action than theory – that at the end of the day you just need to capture authentic media in the moment and tell a story. Social storytelling has many layers and there are a million ways to create, curate and publish digital stories – selfies are one of them.

    After I snapped and shared this pic I felt %100 in my element – ready to take a deep breath and share the passion and work of my life – Travel & Story.


    I Co-Hosted this Awesome webinar: ‘Secrets to Social Media Storytelling: 5 Tips for Hotel Marketers’



    RECENTLY I WAS INVITED to co-host a webinar with Leonardo VMF‘Secrets to Social Media Storytelling: 5 Tips for Hotel Marketers’ with William “Wink” Winkler, Social Media Manager at Nickelodeon Suites Resort and Darlene Rondeau, VP. Best Practices, Online Merchandising at Leonardo. 

    In this hour-long webinar we cover my 5 tips for Social Media Storytelling:

    – Recognize your Brand Heroes

    – Create original Content

    – Recognize and Reinforce Your Shared Values with your Audience

    – Develop a Content creation Process

    – Use your Smartphone

    CHECK OUT the entire webinar below. And READ the follow up Q&A with the webinar audience HERE –> ‘Your 4 Top Social Media Questions Answered’

    Winner! USA TODAY & 10Best ’10 Best Travel Videographers’



    I AM SO HAPPY to be chosen as one of USA TODAY & 10Best Reader’s Choice ’10 best Travel Videographers’!

    I began to really focus on creating travel videos about 5 years ago – 2009 – and feel very, very lucky to be able to tell travel stories, create media adventures and reach people online with my humble videos. Whether I am shooting with my GoPro, doing a vlog, creating custom content for a client, working on a Matador Network original video or shooting aerial footage with my drone – I love taking everyday moments of curiosity, adventure and discovery and making them available to the world.

    THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has ever watched one of my videos or supports other independent digital media artists such as myself.

    After all, what is a video with no one to watch?