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How to make 360° ( VR ) Videos and Photos

How to make 360° ( VR ) Videos and Photos

360 Video and Photo are the latest trend in social media. Here is how you get started creating your own. I HAVE BEEN CREATING 360° PHOTOGRAPHS for years using an app called ‘360 Panorama’. I would upload the photospheres to their server and create tiny planets for my Instagram feed. But everything has changed. 360° Video is now mainstream on Facebook and Youtube and 360° Photos can be contributed to Google Street View. Facebook and Google are highly invested in creating the platform and the technology for VR / 360° media… and they are just getting started. You’ve probably seen 360° videos turning up in your Facebook feed already – they’re rad! These videos are different from regular videos in one very important way – you choose where to look in a 360° environment. The video allows viewers to look up, down and all around. The same is true for 360° Videos on Youtube.  I’ve been creating 360° Videos for a few months now and I thought it was time to explain how you can get started creating interactive, VR headset ready, 360° video and photos now. RICOH THETA S Unless you want to spend $4,000 on a 6 GoPro 360° Video rig (and if you want to create 360° professionally then you should consider it) the best option at this time is to get started with the Ricoh Theta S camera. The Theta S is tiny (about the size of a candy bar), easy to use (with a free app for capturing media and several editing apps as well) and affordable – they are about $350 on Amazon. The Ricoh... read more
Flowmentum – Riding the wave of Flow

Flowmentum – Riding the wave of Flow

YOU ARE IN THE ZONE. Totally immersed, singularly focused, feeling awesome and firing on all cylinders. The minutes and hours fall off the clock. You are in a state of flow. According to Italian born professor of psychology Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who coined the term, people are happiest when they are in a state of flow ~ a state of concentration or complete absorption with the activity at hand. Csíkszentmihályi identifies the following six factors as encompassing an experience of flow. Intense and focused concentration on the present moment Merging of action and awareness A loss of reflective self-consciousness A sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity A distortion of temporal experience, one’s subjective experience of time is altered Experience of the activity as intrinsically rewarding I experience flow most when I am riding my mountain bike down a steep and winding path and when I am editing a video that I am really jamming with. On my bike flow comes almost instinctually; I need all of my focus, there is no room for a wandering of distracted mind and I intensely love the act of riding. The focus and the joy combine to create a peak state of flow. Editing video is a bit different – my body is not careening down a hill with the wind in my hair  – but my creative powers and imagination ARE. When I’m creating a video that I’m really connecting to I can sit at my computer for a 6 hour stretch and feel fantastic, in fact the feeling of time melts aways and becomes something that I return to reluctantly. Crafting a video experience, like editing GoPro travel... read more

Client: BRAND USA / MATADOR NETWORK My task for this travel video was capture 4 iconic National Parks in California & Arizona to show viewers what adventures await. This is a great example of my immersive and authentic video style – using a combo of GoPro cameras and DSLR to create a rich POV experience.


Your only as good as your tools. That’s why I utilize a variety of gear including DLSR cameras to capture gorgeous, high quality video and photography.

Drone Video & Photo

Aerial video is an incredible way to showcase a destination or event. I specialize in capturing dynamic drone media and have supplied tech start ups, real estate agents, hotels and tourism boards with aerial video.

GoPro Expert

I have worked with GoPro cameras for years to create interesting and adventurous video. As a member of the GoPro Artists Program I constantly push myself to use this amazing camera in innovating new ways.

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Client: PUNTACANA RESORT & CLUB  This video series explores the natural beauty, ecological stewardship and luxurious experiences that define Puntacana, located in the Dominican Republic. My goal was to give the viewer the feeling that they are immersed in this incredible world and a part of the unfolding adventure.

HSMAI has found our hero – Joshua Johnson. How rare to find someone who can be both your hero and mentor – but Josh has been both for us. As a sales & marketing association it takes a lot to impress us and we are wowed by Josh!

Fran Brasseux

Executive Vice President, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International

The online content Josh delivered was beyond what I envisioned. He’s a brilliant storyteller and he brought the client to life in a way that resonated with a wide range of audiences and personalities. And it’s apparent he loves what he does. He should, he rocks at it.

Jody Diamond

President, Diamond Public Relations

CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: MATADOR NETWORK I am very proud of the role I have played in the world’s largest online travel magazine.

Matador Network is the most read online travel magazine and a leader in the travel media with many millions of visitors a month. Since 2007 I have been publishing content on Matador and have worked as Editor, MatadorTV Host and Dean of Education at MatadorU, the web’s premier travel writing, photography and videography school. As Dean at MatadorU I worked with thousands of students to take their travel storytelling skills to new heights.

I’m currently a Contributing Editor for Matador, working with their exceptional clients to create original travel video, photography and narrative.

With the Matador Productions Team I have recently.created content for Brand USA, Canadian Tourism Commission, Travel Nevada, California Tourism, Manitoba Tourism and have facilitated dozens of content (PR) trips for writers and photographers. CLICK THE IMAGE TO THE RIGHT TO VIEW MY MATADOR AUTHOR PAGE.

DRONE / AERIAL VIDEO PRODUCTION: JOSHUA TREE Fly with me over the gorgeous and haunting Joshua Trees in Southern California. I have produced aerial video for a diverse set of clients including tourism boards, smart phone apps, production companies, hotels & real estate agents.

For the past seven years I’ve worked closely with Josh and find him to be one of the most creative and effective social media content creators I’ve ever seen. Whether producing video, writing, editing, or helping cross pollinate work across social media channels, Josh has helped build Matador’s brand with skill and chutzpah.

David Miller

Senior Editor, Matador Network

Josh inspires people to discover their company’s brand story. He fully understands social media and knows how to approach it from a business mindset while still making it fun and engaging. I would highly recommend Josh as a social media consultant & keynote speaker.

Isaac Gerstenzang

Assistant VP, Corporate E-Commerce, Destination Hotels & Resorts

KEYNOTE SPEAKER, WORKSHOP LEADER: Strategies for Brand Storytelling

At the center of my presentations are actionable tools to create a dynamic and empowering brand story using digital media. I bring all of my experience and creativity to each group, showing how exactly effective and exciting content is made. How can your social media reflect your brand values? How can we reach people more effectively with branded content? I answer these questions and more in my individually tailored keynote presentations and workshops. BOOK JOSH FOR YOUR EVENT.

FREE GUIDE: How to Host (and the most out of ) a Blogger

Many brands want to work with bloggers and professional content creators but often have little or no experience doing so. I distill my 8 years of working with brands to create dynamic media into this helpful guide. I answer the questions I have heard over and over again and include case study examples of press trips that work and way to maximize you blogger experience. Click the image to download your free pdf guide. You’re welcome.

My Secret to Hooking the Audience during a Keynote Presentation

My Secret to Hooking the Audience during a Keynote Presentation

I BEGAN my Keynote presentation at the 2014 Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Mike Levin Leadership Conference with that ubiquitous photo genre that has come to define the digital age –  THE SELFIE. Before I began my hour long talk on Travel Brand Storytelling I told the audience of 100+ at the Venetian in Las Vegas that I needed a moment to do what bloggers do when they want to remember a moment, take a selfie. I did the unexpected – turned my back to the audience, told them to smile as I framed my face with my iPhone and snapped a pic. This simple gesture immediately let me connect to my audience and change their state of awareness to one of active participation (it was the end of a 2 day conference and folks were starting to look a little tired…). Stopping to take a selfie also let me get conformable on stage and help calm whatever nerves I had about  presenting to such a stellar group of high-level travel and hospitality leaders. Mostly, I took my keynote selfie to illustrate the main point of my presentation before I even began; that creating original content for social media publication is more action than theory – that at the end of the day you just need to capture authentic media in the moment and tell a story. Social storytelling has many layers and there are a million ways to create, curate and publish digital stories – selfies are one of them. After I snapped and shared this pic I felt 100% in my element – ready to take a deep...