Meet Josh Johnson

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Traveler, storyteller, digital marketing consultant, ninja.


Joshua Johnson, known socially as Joshywashington, is a Los Angeles based travel writer who specializes in social media content creation. Josh has written and edited for the award-winning travel site Matador Network for 3 years and is the Director of Education at MatadorU, Matador’s online travel journalism school.

Josh has contributed to the creation of hundreds of blogs, photos and video online covering a range of topics and for a diverse group of clients and collaborators. At his center Josh is a curious storyteller who lusts for adventure. Social Media is the perfect platform to disclose a mountain top vista or explore a cultural revelation with the thousands of like minded travelers who seek the road less traveled.

Josh has worked as a creative consultant, editor, actor, blogger, video producer, community manager, security guard, stock boy, roofer, restaurant server, playground assistant, English teacher, event coordinator, concrete worker and hopes to one day write a novel and visit the North Pole.

Josh once had a pet gray squirrel named Simon and he sometimes has a mustache.


A : A web savvy traveler who embraces digital media as a form of expression, art and entertainment. What sets a ninja apart from a run of the mill blogger is a creative spontaneity, a fleetness of foot and the ability to create compelling stories on the fly. Ninjas embrace the social media tools at their disposal and are fast and efficient making them sword stroke ahead of the crowd.