[VID] Flowrider in Clearwater, Florida – hang ten and eat shit!

[VID] Flowrider in Clearwater, Florida – hang ten and eat shit!

WATCH THIS! Oh man, I suck at surfing…but when I found myself at the Flowrider in Clearwater, FL I simply couldn’t help myself! Hundreds of gallons of water are pumped up a soft incline that creates the perfect conditions for indoor surfing…or indoor falling on your face.Link text When you are tired of the beach (if that is possible) cross the street to Surf-Style and step into the muggy glass chamber known as the Flowrider… Watch more Clearwater videos at tripfilms.com The Diamond PR crew of travel ninjas and I got soaked and had a helluva time spinning, flailing, splashing and crashing on the Flowrider – just steps from our rooms at the Sandpearl Resort. If you need more Flowrider mayhem I highly suggest you check out Ryan Gargiulo’s sweet vid (you can spot him here in mine). If you need more GoPro in your life check out my GP playlist on...

There is No Such Thing as a “Lucky Traveler”

I am sick and tired of people telling me how LUCKY I AM that I “get” to travel.
I didn’t follow the magic travel double-rainbow and find a pot of golden flight vouchers at the end. I never rubbed a lucky travel rabbits foot and found myself abroad.

Losing my Shit at the Airport

Gone are the days where the airport is a friendly, stress free place to be. In the course of 5 days I take 5 flights, pushing me to my limits of patience, anger and exhaustion. Will I lose my shit?

My First Parrilla : FAIL

Slightly tipsy with a grumbling stomach I march into a traditional parrilla joint and order up a platter of BBQ’d meat. I have no idea what I am in store for…