7 Reasons You Should be Shooting & Watching in 4K NOW

7 Reasons You Should be Shooting & Watching in 4K NOW

UNLESS you’ve been hibernating for the last few years or just returned from a deserted island you’ve heard of 4K and probably watched something in 4K. I’ve been hibernating on a desert island since 2010…what is 4K??  4K, refers to a display device or content having horizontal resolution of 3,840 pixels along and 2,160 pixels vertically. 3.84K just doesn’t roll off the tongue… Up until the advent of mainstream 4K 1080p HD was the best image quality available for most online video viewing. Remember when we jumped from SD to HD and 1080p became the norm? it was groundbreaking – suddenly Youtube videos were beautiful and crisp. Well, 4K is four times more crisp and beautiful than 1080p – something referred to as UHD or Ultra HD. You might think that shooting in 4K is reserved for James Cameron types but you can get your hands on a 4K capable camera for just a few hundred dollars. A 43 inch 4K TV can now be had for under $600 and a 4K computer monitor for under $500. 7 Reasons you should be shooting in 4K, NOW 4K is the future and the future is now It’s happening. Now. This isn’t some future tech that may or may not be hitting mainstream. Soon enough 10280p ‘regular’ HD will seem dated and maybe even unwatchable. Don’t think so? Remember when you didn’t know that VHS (I am dating myself here) looked like shit? Then DVD’s came around and blew your mind. Remember when DVD was the cat’s meow – now DVD looks antiquated next to Bluray. That is the type of shift...

How to pack for Argentina

Packing for a trip across Argentina is like packing for 4 different countries. The traveler passes through high desert, jungle, glacial fields and mountains…so what to bring?

36 Signs You Should NOT Stay at a Hostel

Don’t know whether you should stay at a hostel? Let me help you… I love hostels. But they are certainly not for everybody and as I get a little *ahem, older I noticed that the little things, like Italian club hoppers returning to the shared room hazardously drunk at 5am with squealing women in tow, start to grate on my nerves. In Cancun, as my roommates groped and hollered I wondered at my dismay if I was losing my salt for hostels. It had been a few years and yeah, maybe I did go to bed a wee bit earlier than when I was in my early twenties, but I wasn’t too stuffy for a hostel. Was I? No, I wasn’t. But it did get me thinking… 36 SIGNS A HOSTEL ISN’T FOR YOU You need beauty rest. You need any rest. You’re bank account contains more than $999. The last time you stayed up past midnight was last New Year’s Eve. You get too hot, too cold too easily. You have a personal bubble. You are not good at sharing. You require room service. You require any service. You value your valuables. You fret. Lack of reservations make you feel uneasy. You don’t know how to do the Soulja Boy. You have aversions to beg bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, centipedes and lice…and STD’s. You don’t know what weed smells like but you are pretty sure you smell weed. ( and it worries you ) You do not enjoy the muffled sounds of fornicating strangers. You have a healthy 401k Your bag has wheels. You brought more than 2 guide...